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Tototek propose une HuCard Flash de 32 Mb qu supporterait toutes les ROM. Prix : ~ 115 €.

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High quality product. Professional development kit never seen before Support White PCE,CORE,CORE2,SuperGrafx,GT,DUO/-R ... (All PCE) Multi Region support (USA/JPN/EUR) NTSC/PAL console support Multi games support up to 31 games. 20M big game size support. Cheat Code, unlimited lives, full power/option support Cheat code for both single game and multi games. Each game can enable and disable from the software Support different format rom file, *.PCE, MGD2 format All in one product, flash cart with programmer attached No power supply needed, use USB port to get power. *** You must sure your USB port output is 5V, If not, will damage the card EPP printer port supported. Don't use SPP port Using the cable same as GB Xchanger to connect to computer,***Need both parallel cable + USB A to B cable Linker Software (Dream Writer for pce) support 95/98/Me/XP/2000