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PCE Advance

Attention article en cours de rédaction.


Some things to consider regarding PCE emulation:

PCE has 64kByte of VRAM which can be background and/or sprites, GBA has 64kByte background and 32kByte sprite VRAM. The PCE CPU runs at either 1.78MHz (like the NES) or at 7.2MHz (all games seem to use the fast mode), the GBA CPU runs at 16MHz.

But there are actually games that are enjoyable: 1943 Kai (J) - Takes some time before it starts, but runs ok. After Burner II (J) - sprite/background glitches, but cool game =) Alien Crush (J) - some sprite glitches. Atomic Robokid Special (J) - Good speed Bomberman 93 - Background flashes Galaga '88 (J) Gomola Speed - Strange but funny game Gradius (J) - Backgrounds are wrong Image Fight (J) - Good speed Kyuukyoku Tiger (J) - Good Speed Mr. Heli - Screen to wide, otherwise ok. Neutopia II (J) - Slow paced, otherwise seem ok. Ninja Warriors (J) - Good speed. Operation Wolf (J) - Takes some time before it starts. Override (J) - Good speed Parodius (J) - Backgrounds are wrong Pacland (J) - Good speed Raiden - a bit slow. Super Star Soldier. Tenseiryu Saint Dragon (J) - Good speed, background messed. Xevious (J) - Intro wrong.

These are just suggestions, please try what ever game you like (alot of US games doesn't work because they are encrypted, use PCEToy to decrypt these before you use them. Also remember to click "US rom" if you want them to work). Don't use overdumps as these are evil on PC Engine.

When the emulator start use Up/Down to select game, then use B or A to start the game selected. L+R gets you to the menu, not all things are implemented, might be in the future.

To use as a Pogoshell plugin, first copy "pceadvance.gba" to the plugin folder then rename it to "pce.bin". This doesn't work with US roms yet.

Don't try to send me bug reports as they are quite useless right now. Please someone build a compatibility webpage instead.