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Attention article en cours de rédaction.

Currently the online documentation only covers the PC-Engine version of MagicKit. Putting everything into nice HTML was a harder and longer task than I thought. :) But missing parts will be added as soon as possible... This documentation has been written by David Michel and Dave Shadoff, with contributions from Bt Garner, and Paul Clifford. source : http://www.magicengine.com/mkit/ \MAGICKIT | |--\DOC | |--\PCE INDEX.TXT -- this file HISTORY.TXT -- revision history of the assembler CONCEPTS.TXT -- introduction to programming for the PCE; introduces data grouping and video objects USAGE.TXT -- how to use the assembler; syntax, etc... CPU.TXT -- Hu6280 CPU documentation CPU_INST.TXT -- a list of all the CPU instructions and addressing modes LIBRARY.TXT -- documentation of the library SPRITES.TXT -- a tutorial on sprite programming using the sprites macro library VDC.TXT -- a small document on the VDC registers VCE.TXT -- a small document on the VCE registers PSG.TXT -- introduction to sound programming for the PCE; complete PSG reference and two small examples -- Attention il faut faire le lien en local vers l archive ou sont stockées les informations -> mkit251_dos.zip ou alors utiliser celui la -> [http://www.magicengine.com/mkit/mkit251_dos.zip|http://www.magicengine.com/mkit/mkit251_dos.zip|en]